Aircraft Charter


Charter flights provide freedom of decision and independence. By using regional airports you will reach your urgent point of destination faster especially when it concerns remote areas besides regular line hauls.

Each transport will be handled within shortest possible time – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We are responsible and in control of all duties and preparations before departure, e.g. issuing of the freight documents and customs authorizations, hiring of special equipment or applications for exceptional completion.

If desired, one of our employees will personally supervise the transportation by accompanying your shipment from pickup till delivery.

Different types of aircraft and helicopters are hereby available, depending on size and volume of the freight – starting from smallest ultra light aircraft to high capacity freighters.

A large infrastructure of airfields in China and the neighboring states allows only a few hours of transit time for your small shipments.

We also offer “door-to-door” deliveries with helicopters for top urgent freight. Just ask us for charter flights, we will give you a tailor-made offer within shortest time.